Was Our Sleep Study Flawed?

Usually I reply to the comments of our readers in the comments section. Till now, these have mostly concerned private road construction, payday loans, wedding favors and other topics of concern only to beginning filmmakers who come here looking for advice from the pros.

Longtime subscriber DanielK has departed from such topics in his latest comment, so I am replying here, where even those readers with a non-technical interest in movies that put the audience to sleep can decide the truth for themselves.

Commented Daniel about the UNDOCTORED photo of (and by) first fan Joshua Kight, et al, sleeping through “I wish he had posted video... it’s a little hard to tell if they’re all really asleep without a sign of Rapid Eye Movement. How do you know they’re not just resting their eyes? Or blinking at the flash? This is not empirical evidence; it’s merely anecdotal.”

Perhaps Mr. K (Daniel, not Joshua) is not as knowledgeable about the five stages of sleep as, oh, say, the editorial team of, who clearly state, “Normal sleep has 2 distinct states: non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep).” During stages 3 and 4, which together are called deep sleep: “There is no eye movement or muscle activity.” Therefore, in “deep sleep,” there is no need for video corroboration, and an UNDOCTORED still photo is all that is needed to convince the experts.

I do apologize, however (more than George Michael but not as much as Mel Gibson), for not stressing that Mr. Kight took the photo during REM sleep, and by the time the shutter clicked was in a deep, non-eye moving sleep. Sorry for the confusion.


Proof of Our Claims!

Only one copy of has been released to a member of the public, and I can admit now that I was worried. I've been boasting for the five years I labored away at the footage that this film would put the audience to sleep.

But would it? Sometimes directors go a bit delirious sitting alone at a computer, and the only way to test my theory was to offer a DVD, randomly, to the first person I'd never met before who asked.

Or the first person I'd never met who I could convince to take it. Who turned out to be our official First Fan, Joshua Kight. When Joshua contacted me after reading about, I sent him that fateful DVD and sat tensely waiting...for the results that would determine...whether what I had devoted my life to was a sleeper...or just another action film.

The results are in! The UNDOCTORED (except for a little cropping on my part) photo above shows our entire First Audience fast asleep! (L to R:) Toni! Erik! First Fan Joshua! Laura! And only minutes into the movie!

Don't tell me you can fake a picture like this one. Admittedly, Joshua, in retrospect, recalls setting the self-timer on the camera before collapsing back into a deep slumber. But that is easily explained in Wikipedia, which states that during REM sleep, activity in the brain's neurons resembles that during waking hours. Of course. Sleepwalking, sleepeating, sleeppicture-taking are common, even without Ambien. Can Joshua describe the details of the movie he claims to have seen? All he remembers for certain is that his companions were definitely asleep.

The experiment was a success. Unlike those filmmakers who delude themselves into thinking their movies are exciting, I have come up with a movie that delivers the goods.

Saturday the Site Exists!

The smartest part of naming a movie the same name as the website is that everybody knows where to find it on the web. Except when the site doesn't exist. And not many people would think of looking for at So this is a big accomplishment in making the movie findable...when it's somewhere to be found. Which it will be. Soon. Unh hunh.


Our First Fan Has Surfaced has received a fan letter, proving that we were right all along. When you offer a quality product that puts people to sleep, its audience will find it, even if it is not yet available for sale or rent.

Mr. Joshua Kight of Dublin GA [not in Ireland, as it turns out, or the former Soviet Union, either] did some serious digging around in Google, or perhaps a search engine that bases results on a site’s merits and not on keywords, metatags, number of hits or other marketing scams...and found us.

Wrote Mr. Kight:

I stumbled across one of your reviews randomly, thought it mildly entertaining, and, under the influence of a few drinks in the belly, followed your trail to a blogspot (past the retrospectively-obvious dead end of that contained no useful information but nevertheless left my appetite for whetted, and made me wonder, "why doesn't she just post the movie on her site?" So, can I see it?
Joshua K.

What could be more indicative of an avalanche of demands for the movie to follow? Thousands at first. Millions, a little after that.

We have reached our first milestone on our way to blockbusterdom. Our Official First Fan. Not the usual kind, who has seen the movie. But one who wants to see it, and that is even better. Fans who have seen a movie never can resist giving away the ending, if it has one. Those who have not seen it encourage others to buy it, which is what true movie making is all about.