Wait! The Holidays Aren't Over Yet!


Wouldn't it be awful if all the fun ended on January 1? It doesn't have to, because January is National Sleep Through a Movie Month, as illustrated above.

The man in the holiday hat is talk show host Peter Anthony Holder of CJAD Radio in Montreal and CFRB Radio in Toronto. Yes, another Canadian who realizes the importance of napping through movies to further health and well-being.

Here's the late night chat (early morning in Montreal) about mine...that put the audience to sleep.

Following the interview, Peter sent a lovely note about, which he called "...boring cinematic adventure! ...will have many fans slipping out of their chairs like mercury! ...visionary masterpiece that screams sequel! ...after viewing...should not handle heavy machinery!"

True, some of the exclamation points are mine, but not all!


Film Sleepy Goes to Canada

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Can you believe they'd never thought of going to movies that put the audience to sleep in British Columbia, Canada till I guested on the Wayne and Jayne morning show on KBS Radio? Unlike us here in America. As soon as I explained the health aspects to Wayne and Jayne, they were all for it, as you can hear for yourself at this link: Go ahead, eavesdrop.


Secret Red Carpet Photos Revealed!

Yes, it's been ages since the World Premiere Screening of, still, it's never too late to watch these heretofore unseen photos. Those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it, and how would you feel if you had to live through the premiere of the first independent film to put the audience to sleep on purpose all over again? Better to watch the slideshow, I always say. Photos by Scott Lewallen, Official World Premiere Photographer.