Our Jen Produced a Movie!


If you've slept through (but were awake for a little while) you remember Jenna Edwards as Jen, the Internet lifecaster who organized the other webcammers in hopes of raising their ratings against competitors Google and Yahoo and the Weather Channel. In real life, Jen has been using those skills to produce April Showers, the new movie about the Columbine killings that's been getting lots of attention from audiences, reviewers and even the news.

Next to Jen in the photo above is Andrew Robinson, the movie's writer and director, who was a student at Columbine at the time of the shooting. The movie opened last night and DVDs can be pre-ordered on the April Showers website. You can find out why Jen and Andrew are glad they were turned down by Sundance and how they learned to distribute a movie on their own in Episode 12 of the April Showers podcast at the website and on iTunes. They also reveal their next project.

Congratulations, Jenna!


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