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Turns out Robert Mercado's been up to all manner of creativity between shooting and the World Premiere last Month. Press that green button on the middle of his face and he'll tell you all about it.


I Are the Guest

Just when it was looking like the Illuminati were going to succeed at keeping the new film sleepy genre from getting bigtime coverage, podcaster Bill Grady let me tell the pro-sleepy side of the story on his You Are the Guest podcast. Of course, many of Bill's questions sounded like they had been fed to him by pro-staying awake special interest groups...but that's to be expected.

  • Scroll down to Show #87 on the site for the heated confrontation. Or link directly to the audio, if you're in a hurry.
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    World Premiere Screening Exclusive Photo

    You didn't miss out on the fun, did you?
    Actual stars of the film in attendance!
    Actual computer users completely undisturbed by a full length movie up on the big screen!

    Further proof that exciting movies' days are numbered.