Game On Granny Gives Thumbs Up to

Opines Granny:

"Ohhhh Sondra, you filled this old ladies heart with joy........So much so that even with gout and arthritis I jump off of the divan and started dancin' with the troll. My goodness, my hotwater bottle doesn't give me as much pleasure as watching the videos on your website. Lordy have mercy girl, I will have to get all the red hats to come in here and take a gander. There will be tea and cookies flying everywhere when I sit them down to watch your stuff. I am not used to being nice like this but I guess there is always a first time huh? Anywhoos, ya'll take care now-I need to go to the water closet and change my depends because ya had me laughing so hard...................GAME ON!!"

Get more wise words from Granny at her Game On Granny blog.


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