You only have till 10:30:45 this morning!

True, the auction for the first-ever DVD of to be offered for sale ends at 10:30:46, but don't let that :46 fool you. You'll never get in if you wait that long! Unlike the DVDs that will be offerred on the website and elsewhere, this one will be numbered and have the winner's name printed on the DVD to verify First Purchaser status, for maximum appreciation!

I repeat: 10:30:46 will be too late!

Here's the Trailer

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Yes, is ready...but we're only selling ONE DVD right now. On eBay. For one red--or blue, we'll sell to you, too--cent! Starting price. Of course, it could be the ending price, too. Plus shipping. Still a great deal.

Here's the link to the auction: Numbered DVD with First Ever Buyer's Name Printed on DVD! There's a trailer in the listing, too, just like the one I've been trying to get on this blog.


New Masthead is up! Could the DVD be far behind?

Hey, at least we took down the "unfinished" sign.


This may be your last chance to catch up on the news for a while as we at put what we hope are the final, unchanging, finishing touches on So check out these important, still kind of up-to-date stories and songs.

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