Another Spellbinding Onscreen Moment

Can you stand the suspense?


One Picture is Worth a Thousand Reviews

The only review so far is by our bought-and-paid-for critic, just like the big studios, and he loved it. Here's one of the most gut wrenching moments. That's Jen on the left and Robert on the right. I'm the one pushing up my glasses.

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My Independent Film Still Isn't Finished

I'm finally almost back to putting the final touches on, the movie, after saving Los Angeles 2004/2005 from being bested by Los Angeles 1883/1884 in the race for most rainfall in a season. It was tough, especially when they were measuring in a drier part of the city than in the 1800s. Luckily, the Department of Water and Power was on the job and recorded rainfall in the right place, so we beat out those technologically inferior 19th century Angelenos after all, even though the official record incorrectly says we came in second.

You can listen here to the
Pray for Rain/Save Los Angeles Now! coalition podcast that put 2004/2005 over the top. One outlet turned down the triumphant PFR/SLAN press release as "parody, satire or nonsensical," but Google News proudly displayed it first, above the LA Times and Washington Post reports, for those who looked up "rainfall Los Angeles" the day the victory was revealed.

Although I really do intend to overcome my computer problems and finish the movie in this century, you can see why I have been too exhausted to try, at least lately. Why I haven't finished the editing in the last four years is another matter, one I will discuss in an upcoming podcast on Why My Independent Film Is Still Unfinished, as soon as I finish recording the podcast.