Stunning Review - Is an Oscar Next?


The video on demand rental version of has received its first review since my own rave was removed by Amazon as spam--and this one is just as enthusiastic:

"I fell asleep watching the trailer!" opined intelligent customer Joanystar of Studio City, California. While she came to Amazon thinking that movies ought not to put audience to sleep, "NOW I see the greatness of the film sleepy genre."

Read this inspirational analysis for yourself at www.➡.ws/


Secrets of Slipping the Audience to Sleep

I've written a top secret article on how to Turn Your Weaknesses into Your Strengths that tips off ANYONE who wishes they could get into the business of putting audiences to sleep on just how to do it. I've been keeping the URL a secret till now so I could control the market, but then I thought, readers of this blog deserve to take over the motion picture industry, too--or any field they wish to be in.

If you want to read it, you'd better hurry, 'cause it'll only be up for a reeeeeallly limited time at
Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Strengths.


Actual Belated Napping Day Video!

Not only are National Napping Day and Square Root Day long over, but so, now, is Pi Day. Even so, we've turned our original clipart Happy Belated National Napping Day photo into actual video. Feel free to nap along.


What are you doing for National Napping Day?

Yes, National Napping Day is a real holiday, the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time begins, and Daylight Savers party catching some zzzzz's.

It's a big day here at Film Sleepy, too, a day when we don't feel it's even a little too promotional to remind people that the easiest way to get back that hour we just lost is to curl up with a movie that puts the audience to sleep.


Sublime Crime 12th Top Video in Film Noir Genre


Sublime Crime: A Subliminal Mystery just became available as a downloadable Video on Demand at Amazon this week, and this morning it was already number 12 on their list of top movies in the film noir genre.

Of course, it's a different kind of film noir than Hitchcock's Vertigo, which is still number one. Vertigo is the gritty kind. Sublime Crime is the kind where the screen is black most of the time because its the first subliminal mystery in history.

Right now, it's number 14...and still noted as "Popular in this category."
Does make one think, though, that Hollywood's stranglehold on the public is coming to an end and sleeping through movies is taking its rightful place at the forefront of 21st century entertainment.