A Christmas Carol for Trolls

Every blog can use some holiday cheer, and every carol can benefit from a little this case, an ad tacked on at the end for


Meet Elwood

Elwood Carlisle is too busy being a superstar to actually watch, but at least he had the time to be in it!


Meet Jen

Jenna Edwards, who plays Jen in, actually stayed awake through THE WHOLE THING! Don't believe it? Watch the video...if you dare.


Hints for Happier Holidays

Just in case you haven't figured out what to give everyone on your list...


What's All the Yaying About??

Not only did we sell the first DVD of on Official First Purchaser Andrew Caplan of the Bronx NY..but we haven't heard from him since! Which could only mean he's still asleep!!

If you want some sleep,
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