Our First Fan Has Surfaced has received a fan letter, proving that we were right all along. When you offer a quality product that puts people to sleep, its audience will find it, even if it is not yet available for sale or rent.

Mr. Joshua Kight of Dublin GA [not in Ireland, as it turns out, or the former Soviet Union, either] did some serious digging around in Google, or perhaps a search engine that bases results on a site’s merits and not on keywords, metatags, number of hits or other marketing scams...and found us.

Wrote Mr. Kight:

I stumbled across one of your reviews randomly, thought it mildly entertaining, and, under the influence of a few drinks in the belly, followed your trail to a blogspot (past the retrospectively-obvious dead end of that contained no useful information but nevertheless left my appetite for whetted, and made me wonder, "why doesn't she just post the movie on her site?" So, can I see it?
Joshua K.

What could be more indicative of an avalanche of demands for the movie to follow? Thousands at first. Millions, a little after that.

We have reached our first milestone on our way to blockbusterdom. Our Official First Fan. Not the usual kind, who has seen the movie. But one who wants to see it, and that is even better. Fans who have seen a movie never can resist giving away the ending, if it has one. Those who have not seen it encourage others to buy it, which is what true movie making is all about.


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At 13:48, Blogger Sondra said...

Thanks for your warm regards. Does that mean you're our second fan?


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