Critic Takes Credit for Our Award

Critic Rory stopped by to say it was his oh so favorable review of, the unfinished film, that got our humble site the Podspider 5 Star Award. His logic is that when moviegoers and award committees alike read something positive about a movie, it sticks in their brain. (Which is why the studios hire their own critics and why we took up the concept where they left off.) Critic Rory didn't stay long. He was off to his next bought and paid for assignment.

Meanwhile, I've gathered some acceptance speeches of previous winners posted at

Systris: "Right away i knew someone was either scamming me...or been smokin' something..."

Djacobs003: "I even got one for a podcast I no longer do! How cool is that?"

Oblivion: "I got it too. I have never heard of Podspider."

Wow, to follow in the footsteps of the greats
. Blog Honored!

Homeless Gary is all dressed up for his walk down the red carpet to accept our 5-Star-Award from Podspider. "The criterias [sic] for the award are continuity and technical operativeness as a guide for podcast listeners," states the congratulatory email. While we are looking forward to an award from an equally discriminating body that speaks better English, we are nonetheless thrilled.

This blog has only been in existence a few months, and to already have inspired so many filmmakers, bloggers, podcasters and private road construction salespeople is amazing in itself. But to be singled out by as prestigious an organization as Podspider for our leadership, our artistic vision and our technical operativeness leaves me speechless.

What can I say but thank you? So to Podspider, to our many fans and subscribers, to the cast and crew of and to those who post such encouraging comments to our humble yet inspiring efforts, we couldn't be where we are today without any of you.

Thank you all.