Wednesday premiere delayed

Don't worry, just a small problem with the burning process. To be precise, with the software. Or the hardware. Or the media. Or the powers that be in Hollywood heard about the new genre that puts the audience to sleep and they're so scared, they'll stop at nothing to keep up the grosses on movies that (try to) keep the audience awake.

Meanwhile, here's the other news of the day:

  • Tap Dancing News 9/27/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/26/06

  • Liza Minnelli update

  • Tap Dancing News 9/25/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/24/06
  • Sunday

    You mean the DVD's not done yet?

    If we don't get the DVD finalized soon, sleepy moviegoers are going to have to wait a whole 'nother holiday season to give them to each other as gifts, and that would be a shame. On the other hand, National Sleep Through a movie month isn't till January, which gives us an extra month to fool with it.

  • Tap Dancing News Update 9/23/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/23/06

  • Rumor Reader: Clay Aiken
  • Wednesday

    News Is Nice...But Where's

    Really, it's coming soon. But in the meantimes, here's the latest on all the other stars.

  • Tap Dancing News 9/20/06

  • Rumor Reader: Rosie O'Donnell

  • Rumor Reader: Tom and Katie

  • Rumor Reader: Lindsay Lohan

  • Rumor Reader: Tom Cruise

  • Tap Dancing News 9/15/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/14/06

  • Rumor Reader: Britney Spears
  • Tuesday

    More news!

    Aren't you glad we're keeping you up to date?

  • Rumor Reader: Brad and Angelina

  • Rumor Reader: Brad and Angelina

  • Tap Dancing News 9/11/06

  • Rumor Reader: lonelygirl15
  • Saturday

    Why You Need Tap Dancing News

    Nothing takes a person's mind off not being quite finished yet like up-to-the-minute news about how global warming, terrorists, super volcanoes and just being alive are going to wipe us out any minute now. And nothing makes us feel better about ourselves than the foibles of the famous.

    That's why we need news we can hum--as in Tap Dancing News--and a Rumor Reader to keep us abreast of the latest on Britney, Paris, Suri and the rest of the more daft than we are celebs.

    If you've got to get your Tap Dancing News and Rumors read right away, you can find them as soon as they're posted at Odeo.

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  • Tap Dancing News 9/8/06

  • Rumor Reader: Paris Hilton

  • Rumor Reader: Suri Cruise

  • Tap Dancing News 9/6/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/5/06

  • Monday

    More Rumors, More News!

  • Rumor Reader: Liza Minnelli

  • Rumor Reader: Kate Hudson

  • Tap Dancing News 9/3/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/2/06

  • Rumor Reader: John Mark Karr

  • Tap Dancing News 8/31/06