Will Twitter Help Movies Put You to Sleep?


What stuck with me from a teleseminar by marketer Dave Lakhani was finding out that tweets by moviegoers as they're still in the theater watching are starting to make or break the opening weekend box office. Twitterers with a massive following (@aplusk, 1,105,893/me, 50) could kill potential blockbusters with a word or two...say, "boring" and/or "puts me to sleep."

The question is: how will this immediacy affect the film sleepy genre as it gains a foothold in the entertainment industry? People who love the movie will be out like a light and in no condition to tweet. People who, for whatever reason, remain awake will text, "I am still awake," which, during the transition period, may be thought to be a good thing and widen the audience by default.

How this will play out as Twitter's popularity spreads remains to be seen. As the inventor of the genre, I am hopeful if wary that the 140 character limit will render reviews of my movies vague enough to entice viewers to take a chance on this latest upgrade to the 100+-year-old medium.


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