Will Film Sleepy Win the Nobel Prize?

Yes, Al Gore already got his...but...are there MORE Nobel Prizes to be given out that just might be announced next Monday? Or even more important prizes than THAT...that could be awarded to companies that have the answer to the inconvenient problem of global sleepiness?

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What an Honor!

Right at this very exact second I am Producer of the Moment of The 1 Second Film!

What an honor.

And not only because this will be the first film I have produced that will keep the audience awake. And not only because of that and because I made it to Producer of the Moment and many of my 8,085 co-producers, including Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, haven't (though I'm not on the site every moment, and maybe they have).

I am also honored because it happened today, a great American holiday, the day Christopher Columbus first set foot on America, or at least the day he first set foot on San Salvador in the Bahamas, at least on October 12, which is close enough to today, even if not everybody today sees it as a step in the right direction.