Our First Non-Bought and Paid For Review! By the Bad Movie Guy!

The first review is in by Bad Movie Guy Brian Morton of, and is a hit! From the point of view of somebody who only watches bad movies. And with a few well placed dots...

Wrote Brian (sort of):

"Breaks all the rules!...Surprisingly fun!...Couldn't help but laugh!...It's really not all that bad!...Surprised to find myself awake!"

To find out what he really meant, go to!


Link on

Have you been watching Amanda Congdon's new videoblog on ABC If you watch the February 28 episode, you'll see the video above about 3 min 15 sec in--only with Amanda looking on (skeptically yet open-to-new-ideas-ly) off to the side. Hopefully Amanda or her viewers...or maybe you...can help us find an appropriate venue for the world premiere.

Preferably someplace where the audience can lie down while they sleep through the movie.