Cast Member Remembers!

Most of the performers in have long since forgotten their participation in this ground-breaking adventure. "I was in your movie?" they ask incredulously, as I come up to them in the pet shop or laundromat and remind them that I have been re-editing now for half a decade.

This is a good thing. One of the distinguishing features of Film Sleepy movies is that they are soon forgotten...or never experienced consciously in the first place. Even better when a cast or crew member has not the vaguest recollection of the job.

However, cast member Homeless Gary has stumbled onto this blog and left a comment in the Ricardo Comes to Call post:

"Can you make another film for me to wear my "Homeless Gary" shirt for? And can we pay me in burgers and chicken again?That'd be swell! Love,G2"

This shows not only consciousness of having been there but also of the food served. Or perhaps only of the food served, which is just as well.

Yes, G2, you can work for burgers and chicken again, or, should you become a vegetarian, soy b*rgers and soy ch*cken. As you can see, I have photoshopped your homeless shirt into a vision of loveliness between edits.


At 01:52, Blogger Joanystar said...

Dear Sondra,

Your writings are hysterical!
Keep up the good work and I hope you

Take care,

Joan Blair

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At 21:04, Blogger Sondra said...

Oh, no, Joan...never finish?? I think I only have one more revision to make...again.

On the other hand, I'd probably do better to give up filmmaking, get my PhD within two weeks and buy an american idol spoiler for half price.

At 21:04, Anonymous immunotec said...

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At 17:01, Blogger BohemianBlogger said...

Hi Sondra,

I am a big fan of Jenna's.
I look forward to falling asleep at your movies premiere!

Now when I finish my film... I will invite you to my premiere... although I think we have had a few premieres, just not a final finished version of the premiere. Damn people and their stupid feedback. I mean, REALLY, who needs and ending anyway. And structure... what is that? I am making ART.

I think you will be impressed with my New Years resolution... until of course you realize I copy and pasted it from last year.

I also think you will really like my defination of an indie filmmaker!

At 00:33, Blogger Joe Berenguer said...

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At 22:00, Blogger Sondra said...

Thanks, immunotec, if you're looking for com (or calm), you've come to the right place, as well you have found out. And, all the best to you!, you're really sharp to have figured out that this is, underneath it all, a blog (and not just any blog but an excellent blog) on games center!

Of course, bohemianblogger, being a real person, your comments are a bit more complex to answer. I would change the New Years Resolution of finding a sound designer to buying the cheap version of Acid, throwing together a few loops...and designing my own sound. And I wouldn't pitch to HBO at all, I'd wait till I could verify that my movie had put several thousand viewers to sleep...and then I'd wait for HBO to come to me. Of course, movies meant to keep the audience awake may have a different way of doing things.


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