Why You Need Tap Dancing News

Nothing takes a person's mind off not being quite finished yet like up-to-the-minute news about how global warming, terrorists, super volcanoes and just being alive are going to wipe us out any minute now. And nothing makes us feel better about ourselves than the foibles of the famous.

That's why we need news we can hum--as in Tap Dancing News--and a Rumor Reader to keep us abreast of the latest on Britney, Paris, Suri and the rest of the more daft than we are celebs.

If you've got to get your Tap Dancing News and Rumors read right away, you can find them as soon as they're posted at Odeo.

  • Tap Dancing News 9/9/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/8/06

  • Rumor Reader: Paris Hilton

  • Rumor Reader: Suri Cruise

  • Tap Dancing News 9/6/06

  • Tap Dancing News 9/5/06


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