My Day Job

When I tell people I make my living as an independent filmmaker, even though my first feature is still unfinished, they don't buy it. No wonder. Nobody wants to pay to see an unfinished film, even if it's guaranteed to put them to sleep.

On the other hand, roller derby pays well and leaves plenty of time for editing video and getting out a blog. OK, it's vicious, but would you rather hold down the job Robert Rodriguez made the $7000 for his movie with, being a guinea pig in medical experiments?


At 19:27, Anonymous Adam said...

Hi, I'm interested in salsa dancing and would like to meet other similar people in my local area. I've found this salsa dancing site but I need to find some others. Any ideas?

At 22:21, Blogger Sondra said...

Hmm, salsa dancing. Are you sure you wouldn't rather tap?


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