It's 3 am. Are you sleeping through a movie?


Two presidential hopefuls released videos this week promising that, if elected, they will help us sleep through the night. But can we trust them? According to a new study by the Center for Disease Control, 50-70 million adults are not getting the rest they need on a daily basis. Worse, said an ABC News report, "People often do not understand that lack of sleep can cause health problems."

And not only health problems down the road. ABC reveals that some people don't get any rest when they are asleep because they act out their matter how violent. These sufferers of parasomnia even fix themselves meals. Said sleep disorder specialist Dr. Carlos Schenck, "They butter cigarettes. They put coffee grounds, Coca-Cola, egg shells in a blender and they blend it all together and drink it." did not just get interested in helping people sleep at election time.'s whole purpose is to bore viewers into a restful slumber so they awake ready to deal with any situation that arises.

Who do you really trust to get you a good night's sleep? Hillary? Barack?



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