Another Smash Hit Review! Ten Out of Ten!!

Here it is! Our second rave review!

[Scroll down a bit to see our first rave from Bad Movie Guy Brian Morton on, who exalted, "It's really not all that bad!"]

Like Brian, Monika DeLeeuw-Taylor of Microfilmmaker Magazine couldn't contain herself, bubbling, "...didn't actually fall asleep!...already developed a cult following!" and, in conclusion (of the parts worth putting between the dots), "If I were grading it...I'd give it a ten out of ten!"

And if that doesn't inspire you to click the button to buy RIGHT THIS MINUTE, how about this? Monika's review is a massive 1419 words! Up nearly 1000 words from our first review and a sure sign that the critics are starting to take and the Film Sleepy genre seriously. And it's even got pictures, in color, and I mean seven of them! With captions!

I know you're really chomping at the bit to own your own
DVD or instant download rental after an endorsement like that. And my brand new ebook, How to Make a Movie That Puts the Audience to Sleep: A Home Study Course, too. I've made the mentions of these products linkable, so you don't have to move your mouse all the way over to the next column to make your purchase.

To read Monika's unedited, un-ellipsisized paean to, go to
our latest triumphant review. She even gives us a PG for adult situations!


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