Bought and Paid for Critic

It's best to start getting reviews before your movie is finished, preferably while you're still shooting. That is what we did here at, and I feel certain this extra effort will pay off. Many of the biggest Hollywood studios find it to their advantage, and we smaller moviemakers can learn from their example.

Some studios use non-existent critics who will not balk at any words producers put in their mouths. And you don't have to work in all those ellipses (...) to end up with a positive spin on their opinions. But the studios have years of built-in credibility that keeps much of the media (damn those bloggers) from examining their ads too closely. For first time filmmakers, it is better to stick with the bought and paid for critics, like our Rory Knox Johnston.

Wait till you see the terrific things he said about! I was humbled and overwhelmed by his thoughtful analysis, even if I did write it myself.


At 08:33, Blogger shawnfisher61168060 said...

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At 09:13, Blogger Sondra said...

Thanks, Shawn, what is it exactly that you like so much about my blog?

The great pictures of all the stars (not to mention our bought and paid for critic)?

The fascinating and unique podcasts that you can link to right from the posts?

The deftly altered Ms Moto template that used to be all pink and now isn't?

Or--or just everything?

At 09:22, Blogger Sondra said...



At 19:19, Anonymous Adam said...

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At 08:42, Blogger Sondra said...

This is becoming an obsession with you, Adam. The solution to your problem is not more dancing sites, it's a good long rest, as in watching movies that put people to sleep. I highly recommend the film Sublime Crime (unfinished as of this writing, however) and, which may possibly become available to the public within your lifetime.


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