Sleep Through Your Own Movie

One advantage to making your own movie is that you can not only sleep through it when you watch it, you can write a few naps for the character you play into the script to replenish your energy for your producing, directing, set decorating and craft services responsibilities.

Sorry, I'll have to leave the filmmaking advice at that for now. It's enough to get you started--and keep you coming back for more tips from a pro.

This morning, I'm really excited that I actually uploaded my podcast, My Unfinished Film, an in-depth investigation into why my movie still isn't finished.

I'd been thinking it was yet another oevre I'd never get done. Tearing myself away from editing it was a major accomplishment, and uploading was a thankfully short series of missteps., where I uploaded my past podcasts (avoiding the need to learn all that RSS stuff), looked dormant, so I searched Google, Dogpile and a9 (piling up points for discounts) and ended up at After a struggle of only 12 hours or so, the podcast was posted.

I'm giddy over being so technically adept. I even have my own XML feed! Not that I've figured out what to do with it. Stuff I'll probably have to sign up for another online course at the HP Learning Center for. And I'm still on lesson 3 of Building Your First Webpage.

Is this how it was when they first invented paper?


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