Ricardo Comes to Call

Ricardo unknowingly visits, where anything can happen and usually doesn't.

Is he in for a SHOCK??!!

Probably not.


At 09:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting scared to leave a post with all this Spam. I'm looking for ideas for my site which is about, Digital Cameras, and covers topics like "digital camera refurbished" . I'm not selling anything, so drop by if you have time. ---Jack---

At 21:35, Blogger Sondra said...

"Digital camera refurbished" sounds just a little like a site that sells stuff, but thanks for stopping by, Jack. Funny you have trouble getting traffic over at your non-selling site. All kinds of people drop by here.

At 22:28, Blogger Stephanie Raye said...

You know what is particularly funny about the previous post directing people to the "non-selling" sight? He really isn't selling anything... Thanks for keeping the laugh alive. ~Stephanie~

At 21:03, Blogger Sondra said...

Stephanie, thanks for coming, and for actually reading something on the site. Come to think of it, I could use a not-for-sale refurbished digital camera.

At 19:06, Anonymous Daniel said...

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At 21:03, Blogger ohio-slammer said...

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At 21:26, Blogger Sondra said...

Daniel, I still do not know others with your interest. If you are going to spam this blog, please do it with something other visitors can benefit from, like cash advance newark.

At 01:17, Anonymous voyceman said...


Can you make another film for me to wear my "Homeless Gary" shirt for?
And can we pay me in burgers and chicken again?
That'd be swell!



At 00:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 14:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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