Dr. Valeri Spaces Out

It's hard to keep your mind on your work when you're an Internet therapist, as you'll see if...I mean, when...I finish my movie.

Before I do, I've got to get the blog working. Maybe that's not gettng my priorities straight, but at least all my hard drives don't crash when I try to fix it. Just the blog, which is on somebody else's computer.

Right now the picture at the top has mostly disappeared, which is made more frustrating when it all comes back after I hit the preview button in the page with Blogger's template code on it. Every time I save it, it goes back to showing only the top. I bought a book on HTML, XHTML and CSS, which explains the rules very nicely and which isn't helping a bit.

My biggest hope is that there's a Blogger users forum somewhere and that I'll find it.


At 19:22, Anonymous Sam said...

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At 09:57, Blogger Sondra said...

What exactly does off the chain mean? Is it a good thing?


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